Circadiance Introduces the Car Seat Challenge

“This is our way at Circadiance to provide critical information to the parents of a premature or low birthweight babies,” stated Tom Lucas, Director of Global Sales.

The Car Seat Challenge is a simple, painless test that evaluates your baby’s ability to breathe while he or she is positioned in an approved car seat. The Car Seat Challenge is an important test, especially for babies who are born premature or have low birth weight. For the Car Seat Challenge, you’ll be asked to bring in the car seat your child will use for the ride home. While in the seat in the hospital, your baby will be continuously monitored for a minimum of 90 to 120 minutes or the length of the car ride home, whichever is longer. The clinical staff will assess your baby’s vital signs and determine if your baby is ready to make the trip home. These vital signs typically include heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation information. If your child does not pass the Car Seat Challenge the first time, your physician will evaluate the results, make specific recommendations and, if needed, may request a re-test for your baby. Recommendations could include prescription medicine or home monitoring.

Circadiance has developed a full brochure that describes the importance of car seat testing, providing an overview of an infant apnea, a summary on knowing which car seat to buys, and what to do if your baby is sent home with a monitor. “This is our way at Circadiance to provide critical information to the parents of a premature or low birthweight baby that prepares them for a safe their first journey home as a family”, stated Tom Lucas, Director of Global Sales.

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Circadiance is a pioneer in respiratory therapy specializing in positive airway pressure, non-invasive ventilation and apnea monitoring. Our clinically proven, innovative solutions address patients ranging from premature newborns to frail elderly. Circadiance products deliver superior patient comfort and effectiveness in the acute care and home care settings, ultimately resulting in reduced cost of care and improved outcomes. Circadiance’s brands include the following:

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