CIA boss Pompeo vehemently defends Trump against ‘Fire and Fury,’ calls book ‘absurd’

CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Sunday vehemently defended his boss, President Trump, against allegations made in the new tell-all book “Fire and Fury” about the president’s competency, saying the statements are “absurd, just pure fantasy.”

“I’m with him almost every day,” Pompeo told “Fox News Sunday.” “We talk about some of the most serious matters facing America and the rest of the world, complex issues. The president is engaged. He understands the complexity, asks really difficult questions from our team at CIA. I’ve watched him do that.”

Pompeo spoke two days after the official release of the book by author Michael Wolff that portrays the president as intellectually and emotionally incompetent to run the country.

Wolff says the book his based on hundreds of interviews, including ones with Trump family members, White House aides and at least “one recent talk with the president.”

“Statements likes the one Mr. Wolff made about how we all think about the president are just ridiculous and frankly beneath the conversation this morning,” Pompeo told show host Chris Wallace. “They are the conversation because you’re making them the conversation.”

On Trump’s comment Saturday that he’s “genius,” Pompeo said, “I’m not going to dignify that question with a response. President Trump is completely capable of leading us.”

Trump on Saturday at Camp David also called the book a…

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