Christmas Customs in Different Nations

Christmas is originated in Western countries. In fact, each country has different Christmas customs. How much you know about those customs? Here I’d like to introduce different  Christmas custom in different nations for you.

1. Britain
British pay much attention on food in Christmas. The foods including roast pig, turkey, Christmas pudding and Christmas patties. Every family member has a gift including servants. All the gifts should be delivered on Christmas morning. Some Christmas carol singers will walk door to door and sometimes they will be invited into the house.

2. America
Because the United States is a country formed by many ethnic groups, so the celebrating of Americans Christmas is also complicated. Most immigrants still are in accordance with the customs of their homeland. However, during the Christmas period, the Americans outside adorned wreaths and other decorations are the same.

3. France
In general, adults in France will go to the church to attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After that, the families will go with the most elderly married brother or sister’s home and have a reunion dinner. During the dinner, they will discuss important matters of the home. All the misunderstandings and discords will be cleared up on that day. So, Christmas is a merciful day in France.

4. Spain
In Spain, children will put shoes at the door or out the window to receive Christmas gifts. On that day, cattle will also get good treatment. It is said that when Jesus was born, there was a cow exhale to him so that he got warmness.

5. Italy
Every Italian family will place the model which shows the scene of the birth of Jesus. Families will eat a big meal on Christmas Eve and go to attend Christmas Mass at midnight. After that, they go to visit relatives and friends. But only children and elderly people can get gifts. At Christmas, the Italians have a good custom that children will write essays or poetry to appreciate their parents upbringing in the past years. Their works…

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