Chris Pratt Deletes Anna Faris Photo, Promotes Aubrey Plaza Film

Chris Pratt followed up his announcement that he will be legally separating from wife Anna Faris by updating his Facebook photos, a move which hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans of the actor.

After releasing a statement that he and Anna had decided to part ways after eight years of marriage on Facebook on Monday, Chris quickly changed his main and profile picture. The 38-year-old “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor’s cover photo now includes a shot of a sunset over a lake. The image replaced a shot of Pratt and Faris kissing while posing behind a collage of photos of his various acting roles and their son, Jack.

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Since making the separation announcement, Chris has changed his profile image three times. First, he posted a shot of himself fishing and holding up a fish with a smile. He quickly changed the image to a closeup shot of him enjoying his favorite pastime only to once again change it to another sunset photo.

The images haven’t gone unnoticed by fans of the actor and his ex. “We’re still sad,” one fan wrote in the comment section of one of the images. “Don’t try to distract us with random pics.” The comment has since been reacted to over one thousand times.

“Yea PRATT how dare you show pictures of other things. I THOUGHT MORE OF YOU! Apparently you’re just a human, or something weird,” another fan wrote in defense of the performer.

Other have also offered support to Pratt following his separation.

“We may not know you and Anna personally, but we do know what it’s like to be human, to live through the ups and downs of life. Many prayers to your little family, that you come through stronger than ever,” one fan wrote.

“Chris Pratt, take care of yourself. I know the pain of separation with children and wanting to keep it private. I hope you’re able to maintain it for everyone’s well being. Take care. It does get easier,” reads another popular post.

“I’m so sad about you and Anna separating. I truly believed you were one of the rare, solid ‘Hollywood’ couples. My heart goes out to all of you during this difficult time,” wrote one fan.

Pratt and Faris announced their separate simanteously on social media, Pratt posting to his Facebook page and Farris to her Instagram account. Both statements relayed the same message. “Anna and I are sad to announce we are legally separating. We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed,” the statement…

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