Chris DeCicco, Hudson Valley Grocery Entrepreneur, Knighted by Belgian Beer Guild

Chris DeCicco receiving the proclamation of his Knighthood.

Chris DeCicco, co-owner of DeCicco & Sons, was recently knighted by the Knighthood of the Brewers Mash Staff on Friday, September 1st in Brussels, Belgium.

The Belgian beer community pays tribute to their rich history every September, celebrating in the Brussels Grand Place. The three-day beer festival centers around a ceremony honoring Saint Arnold, the patron saint of brewing. During this ceremony, the honorary knights are “enthroned.” The Knighthood of the Brewers Mash Staff is comprised of direct descendants of the Brewers Guild, the heirs to the original Brewers Guild from the 14th century. Annually, the guild recognizes a small number of honorary knights for their contributions to the Belgian beer industry and culture.

Honorary knights are individuals who have “rendered loyal services to the brewing profession.” This year DeCicco was selected as one of only four Americans to be honored by the Knighthood of the Brewers. He is only the second retailer in New York State to be honored since the inception of the honorary knighthood, and the first outside of New York City. DeCicco was nominated by the Belgian beer community for his dedication to, and advancement of the Belgian beer culture in the United States and specifically in New York State.

Chris developed his appreciation for Belgian beer during his travels around the world. He established the DeCicco’s extensive beer program in the mid 1990’s, before the craft beer “boom” in the United States. Chris was drawn to the Belgian culture of pairing beer with food – a natural fit in the family-run supermarkets. As the head of the beer program at DeCicco & Sons, Chris has shown a unique dedication to educating consumers on the history, quality, and importance of Belgian beer. DeCicco’s maintains an expansive portfolio of large and small format Belgian beers in each of the seven stores. Chris has curated draft lists for many Belgian themed events, including “Gueze-a-palooza” and the DeCicco’s annual Grand Tasting.

DeCicco & Sons has been honored many times for their commitment to excellence in beer, including Best of Westchester’s “Best Beer Selection,” Rate Beer’s “Best Beer Store…

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