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Many people write their own marketing material and that’s fine. But sometimes it makes more sense to hire a professional freelance writer or web writer to develop your collateral.Everyone can write, right? Well, in the English speaking world, the literacy rate is quite high so the majority of people can sit down and write. But there is a difference between writing to communicate and writing to sell.


It’s true that sitting down to write a letter or email is fairly simple for the average person, but the average person would also struggle with the process of arranging words that will persuade the reader to take an action. That where a good freelance or web writer can help. Marketing writers understand how to create the right balance between information and selling. Copywriting has also been called salesmanship in print.


If you’ve read the average corporate website, you’ve probably read copy developed by an employee that isn’t trained or experienced in the tactics of persuasive writing. That’s why so many sites seem the same and don’t do anything to further a company’s lead generation or business goals. But avoiding poor copy is only one way a freelance writer or web writer can be of value to a company.


Others include:

Saving time: A huge number of people find the task of writing to be a challenge. This becomes especially true when it comes to writing about their business, product or service. Because so many of us are intimately familiar with what we sell, it can be difficult to step back and figure out what aspects of our offering are of interest to prospects. A professional copywriter can look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes and help clarify what it is about your business that will persuade someone to pick you instead of your competitor.

Increasing conversion: Because a good copywriter understands the purchase process, he or she should be able to increase your company’s prospect to lead ratio. This becomes incredibly important when your market or web traffic is limited. A freelance writer has experience using the techniques of persuasive communication to promote a specific action. It might be as simple as compelling prospects to visit a website or something as challenging as encouraging people to buy immediately.


Presenting you professionally: Solid writing can give your company a professional appearance and help make prospects more comfortable with you. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they…

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