Choosing the Best Church for You

If you are looking for a new church, there are several factors to consider in order to find the church that’s best for you.

Location – Going to a church that is fairly close to where you live is a plus. If you can find a local church that supports your beliefs and style of worship, consider yourself blessed. If there aren’t any churches in your area, contact the Acts 29 network. They are dedicated to making sure there are churches in walking distance of everyone.

Beliefs & Doctrine – As you may have noticed, there are multiple denominations of Christian churches. There are even cults that claim to be Christian but have a completely difference perspective of Christ. Make sure your perspective church puts the Bible above all other doctrines, creeds, rituals and traditions. The Bible will prove itself by revealing Jesus as your personal savior.

Church Government – Many church denominations have internal and external governments. Some denominations have rules to determine who can become pastors, ministers, leaders, deacons, elders, etc. Others are part of nationwide or global committees that determines where funds go, leader appointments, localities etc.. Many church goers don’t have a clue how their church’s government system works. If you are already a member of a church, it would be good to know how your leadership system works.

Availability of Pastor – Some church denominations require fulltime pastors or ministers, other church pastor’s availability is determined by the pastors himself. It usually comes down to church finances and if the members of the church can actually finance the pastor to be available fulltime. If churches tithes and offering are low, the pastor may need to work outside of the church in order to provide for his family.

Humanitarian Work – Does the church send out missionaries or donate to local organizations? This is important to some individuals, however use caution when making a decision based on this. Churches should…

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