Choose InkLink for the best continuous ink supply system

It is common knowledge that printer manufacturers have business on their mind when they recommend that you only buy OEM inkjet printer cartridges. After all, printer manufacturers make more from selling printer cartridges than they make from selling printers. When you have no more cartridges you rush to buy one and you always buy recommended cartridges for fear of damaging your printer. What happens as a result is that you spend thousands of dollars every year on printer ink cartridges. The solution you need is the continuous ink supply system. And in the domain of continuous ink supply system there is no better name than InkLink.

There are many reasons why InkLink is considered the best in bulk ink systems. The biggest advantage that you get from dealing with InkLink is that you deal with someone with great experience in the world of continuous ink supply system. InkLink has been helping its customers to move to a state of no more cartridges with its simple solution.

There is another huge advantage of using the “no more cartridges” concept of InkLink. This pertains to cost saving. It is a proven fact that the continuous ink supply system saves plenty of money when printing cost is the matter. If you have been spending $100 per month on inkjet cartridges switching to bulk inking systems from InkLink can help you bring the cost down to less than $10 per month.

Ease of use is what you get when you use the continuous ink supply system from InkLink. The advantage of this system is that you don’t need to buy a new cartridge when there are no more cartridges. The continuous ink supply system is actually a reservoir of printer ink that is attached to your printer. When someone wants to print something the ink is supplied from this reservoir. Hence, there is no chance of ink not being available in the printer and low quality printing.

The quality of ink available in the continuous ink supply system from InkLink is another reason you should deal with this company. InkLink…

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