Children and their Story Books

As parents we have so many dreams for our children. We all want our children to be intelligent, smart, creative and imaginative. To accomplish this we spend so much time in selecting the right school with talented and well-experienced mentors. But as parents we can encourage our children’s learning potential by introducing them to different types of children books. We just have to make books as part of their daily routine. This can be in the form of informative books, fables, folktales, picture story books or any other children story book depending on the age group of our children. 


Reading children story book helps in building language, communication and vocabulary skills. This fact is supported by number of researches done by scholars all over the world. Children books help our children to prepare for schools. Apart from developing communication skills, reading also introduce our children to alphabets, numbers, words, colours, shapes, counting. Books also increase their listening and memory power. Children books present even a simple topic in an exciting and interactive manner and this in turn facilitates the learning process. 


Authors while writing children books make sure that the book has to entertaining and educational. Children can drop interest in the book if it is not exciting for them. Therefore it is all the more important for a children story book to be presentable and at the same time should have some moral behind every story to educate our children. 


Simple reading will not give us the desired results. Therefore, while reading children story book it is important to adjust our pitch, explain stories with actions, show them pictures from the book. All this will help in maintaining the children’s interest in the story. During storytelling, encourage them to ask questions, give answers to their queries and pay attention to each and every comment they pass.  


Demand for children books in the market is increasing day by day. Books…

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