Chickasha mother tried to hide missing girls from authorities, police say

The mother of three girls who were missing for several weeks dyed the girls’ hair black to try to hide them from authorities, according to a Chickasha police report.

Destiny Corsaut and her three children were reported missing during the Fourth of July weekend. Officers located the woman and children in Oklahoma City, said Scott Weaver with the Chickasha Police Department.

Corsaut and her mother, Biancia Richardson were arrested Thursday as a result of the investigation. Police said Corsaut left with the girl, intentionally leaving behind her car, wallet, cell phone, and an open apartment. For 20 days, law enforcement, family, and friends searched constantly for Corsaut and her girls.

The Oklahoma City Police Department answered a call on July 23 from Corsaut, who claimed that she and the girls had been kidnapped and held against their will by a woman in an apartment near I-240 and May Avenue. Corsaut told the responding officers that she had escaped and called the police for help.

The woman, who Corsaut said was holding them against their will, was on scene and detained by Oklahoma City police officers, police said.

Investigators learned that Corsaut and the children had been living with the alleged captor and were not being held against their will. The woman told investigators that she was unaware of the missing person’s report involving Corsaut and the children, due to her working a full-time job. A short time before Corsaut called the Oklahoma City police, the woman said that she had discovered the missing person’s report. When the woman confronted Corsaut about it and tried to call police to report their whereabouts, Corsaut intervened, interrupted the 911 call and then took the woman’s phone from her, according to Chickasha police.

The woman’s phone was found in Corsaut’s possession when they were detained.

Investigators said they also found that Corsaut had dyed her hair and the hair of the girls dark black, in an attempt to change their appearance and hide them from authorities. Corsaut had also been in the process of planning a move out of state with the children.

Cellphone records from a prepaid phone, found in Corsaut’s possession, revealed that Corsaut had been in contact with her mother, Biancia Richardson, since July 22 and that Richardson had helped Corsaut hide the children, by providing Corsaut with contact information for out-of-state family members who would hide them,…

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