Cheng delong of passenger traffic monitoring system can slip accident prevention

According to reports Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, January 19 9 am, Longhua territory in a road accident, resulting in six passengers died on the spot, while nine passengers were sent to hospital for treatment. Traffic police prima facie cause of the accident for the snow after the ice road, rollover when the driver brakes.

Accident site in ruins

14 am yesterday and quickly rushed to the scene. Scene of the accident at Octopus Township in Baiyun Road, Longhua Hanguo Gong Shan village head. Scene of the accident is Hanguo Gong Road and the intersection of a rural dirt road, highway and dirt road half a meter of how much ground the formation of small Hom, Hom under the snow piled snow on a clear but not prescribe rules of tire marks. See also the scene littered with fallen fruit from the car and cabbage and other things, the windshield of the passenger train also fell to the scene.

Slippery snow brake roll

According to nearby villagers, the accident occurred around 9:14. Then heard “bang” of a loud noise, came out and found a passenger bus rollover to the next street a small Hom. Some villagers see a passenger crushed in the car and got it from home to car window frame hacksaw saw off the injured passengers rescued from the car. To 9:40 or so, 120 emergency personnel, Fire Personnel and traffic police have rushed to the scene and immediately launched a rescue.

Villagers say, a total of 2 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the hospital to the car passengers. The incident caused a total of 6 people were killed. Villagers said the dead also, but the oldest 30 years old, of which there are only seven-year-old, a little girl and a high school student. As of 11:30, basic end-site disposal.

According to villagers, the intersection near a number of traffic accidents have occurred, largely due to road vehicles in the Han Guogong faster result.

Then came to the county the county hospital. According to the hospital for observation of the surname passenger briefing, when the drive to Baiyun mountain village head, living in the camp of a child by Octopus car off the site, requested off, the driver brakes suddenly when normal driving, as ice road , speed faster, resulting in vehicle rollover from the road to Canton next. In the name of passengers said the rollover occurred, people pushed to the side of a luggage rack, causing the death of personnel squeeze.

Intelligent Transportation The intelligent control system features:

Urban traffic vehicles must be able to detect,…

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