Chemical substances that can improve people’s skin

The importance of a healthy skin can hardly be doubted as it is not only a social perception of beauty but also a major component of the animal body.

Researches show that almost 85 percent people around the world suffer from at least one kind of skin ailment, and billions of dollars are spend on skin treatment. There are certain disorders like moles and freckles that are considered to be normal, but major inconvenience is caused for issues like rashes, chicken pox and hives. Some diseases like skin cancer could turn fatal as well.

There are several reasons that can be attributed to the cause for skin disorders. Microorganisms like fungus and bacteria that are trapped in the pores of the skin could cause irritation and other dermal disorders. The human skin is more vulnerable to these microorganisms when the immune system is weak. Therefore, people suffering from thyroid, kidney problems or diabetes are more likely to be impacted. Some of these disorders are contagious, which is why it is possible that one might suffer from skin disorders if they are in close contact with an infected skin. Stretch mark, a skin disorder that is taken lightly by many people, is caused by pregnancy or sudden reduction of body weight. Stress is another major reason why most people are infected with skin diseases. Stress increases the secretion of glucocorticoids to an abnormal level, which exposes the skin to several disorders like acne, hives, hemangioma and eczema.

Apart from diseases, certain skin treatments are done for cosmetic purposes. Over exposure to sun light could lead to tanning or skin darkening, which is unacceptable to a lot of people. In such scenarios, people look for skin whitening solutions.

Over the years, science labs have spent their research efforts on discovering drugs that can alleviate issues on the human skin. Ursolic acid (UA), which is a major component in lots of our food items such as apples, basil and cranberries, can be used for therapeutic purposes. UA…

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