Check Some Important Load Runner Interview Questions

Load Runner Testing is one of the critical phases of software testing. As its name suggest, it is basically done to ascertain the loading time of a software or application, when multiple users are accessing it simultaneously. Preparing for the load runner interview, you need to be assure of some important loadrunner interview questions.

What is load runner testing and why it is done? 

Load testing is a test process executed to understand the loading capabilities of a particular application or software. It is done to check the application’s compatibility and functionality when multiple users are accessing it at a time.

In loadrunner interview questions which factor of Load Runner you will use for executing Back script in multiple user modes?

Controller component is an essential factor in determining the scripts playback during the multiple user modes. This is done with the help of scenario. A scenario is created to assemble number of Vusers in a group and execute them.

Explain briefly about the use of automatic correlation options?

These options can be set either in the correlation tab or in the recording options. This is done to send some online massages or offline massages as and when required with the use of correlation script. This is done with the help of output window and correlation scanning for picking up the query values that a tester wants to correlate. If a specific value to be correlated is known then it is to specify what value to be created.

How you will stop the execution of the script?

This can be done by using the Lr_abort function during the testing. This function executes the instructions to the Vuser to stop the action immediately. This function is used when the tester needs to manually terminate the running script during the testing because of any error massage. By executing this command the system will immediately stop the execution and generate a massage “Stopped”.


How you distinguish between throughput and Response time? 


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