Cheap Soccer Cleats This is the best time of a day (two Song)


Suddenly the silence I was so used to awake I know the moon outside the window with my soul I’m listening to music day leaves senescence voice with me long ring quietly like the devil to end Nike Mercurial Vapor Soccer Shoes my life my humble soul who at this moment reminds me my yellow face and hands callosity kiss or yesterday said goodbye friend who will miss me at the moment my warm and yesterday said brother friend or that encounter in the way of strange is leaden color color dignified is my I want to speak to a listen in silence to say I am not lonely, I like to go out for a walk with a also in the silence after not me.Soul boy At the edge of

a sudden death, heart, not with the fear of death.Life is really very fragile, cannot afford too much suffering.If I, I die on this, I think I have too many regrets.I failed to repay my parents for more than 20 years, I haven’t given true confidante a complete home.So, if I die, is unquestionably the escape.Time, was my object of contempt.I hate it long, I Nike Mercurial Vapor Soccer Shoes is a luxury, to kill time when a desperate escape.So, wasted years, so, my time, there is not much left……The girl left, in his only hope is gone, he, with life difficult even grief away.I see, he is just a.Literature, is he died longing for paradise, and he put an end to all but not in the world.Some prophecy, his stubbornness can

not be saved.So, death is his way through the clutter.He was looking for, all seemingly beautiful things, then tears Nike Mercurial 2012 in front of their own destruction.He said, this is in the manufacture of tragedy, suddenly one day, in a strange way, tell him “his life is a tragedy”.So the boy began to destroy yourself.Can let him temporarily anesthetized alcohol, give him endless excitement of nicotine, the long black.He was, in one one, the time ink, writing his ridiculous and sad story.This is the best time of a day (two poems) “This is the best time of a day” this is the best time of a day…

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