ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA Announces 2017 NAO Robot User and Development Congress

This is an ideal opportunity for NAO users and developers to come together

ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA today announced it will once again be the sponsor of the annual NAO User and Development Congress which will be hosted at the UMASS’s Robot NERVE Center in Lowell, Massachusetts on September 21 and 22. The 2016 Congress hosted worldwide NAO robot user and developer attendees from Canada, China, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan and the United States. The NAO robot is a product of SoftBank Robotics.

The two-day Congress will feature a variety of speakers presenting technical and use case advancements for using NAO and a series of technical workshops and breakout sessions for attendees to expand their understanding of NAO’s ever growing functionality. Advance tickets are now available on Eventbrite under the title: NAO User and Development Congress.

“The use of NAO in health care, senior living, autism engagement therapies, assisted pediatric hospital medical care, STEM education programs and curricula, library makerspace(s), retail stores, trade shows and hospitality/concierge style use cases continues to grow each month. This is an ideal opportunity for NAO users and developers to come together to stay abreast of advances in these use cases and in software language advances that enhance the NAO robot’s behavior and ever expanding flexibility,” said Mike Radice, chairman technology advisory, ChartaCloud ROBOTTECA.

2017 special guest presentations and technical breakouts already include Atsushi Tanizaki, President and CEO, Smart Robotics, Co., Ltd on specialized NAO accessory components; Nancy Moses, New Life Robotics on educational use cases; Wayne Moulton and Emily Reddy, New Heights on NAO in after school educational programs; Ron Nardozzi…

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