Chargers search for clues to ‘alarming’ number of ACL injuries – Orange County Register

Inside the knee is a diagonal band of fibrous tissue, roughly the size of pinky finger. When it snaps, the course of an NFL season changes.

On football injury reports, few words are as dreaded as “anterior cruciate ligament.” ACL tears once ended careers. Even today, they often signal lost seasons.

Chargers offensive guard Forrest Lamp is one of the latest victims. On Wednesday, the second-round pick tore his right ACL, ending what would have been his rookie season four days into training camp.

He is hardly alone. Just this week, a number of players have gone down with similar injuries, sparking winces and groans across the league. On Tuesday, it was Rams defensive lineman Dominique Easley, suffering the third torn ACL of his athletic career. On Thursday, it was Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his injured left knee — one followed by a forebodingly inconclusive MRI.

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