Characteristics of the best video conferencing rooms

Modern technology has introduced a number of changes in which business is conducted. If you are looking for serviced offices to rent or are furnishing such offices in order to rent them out, one of the essential facilities that you must have is video conferencing. This has become an important part of modern businesses. Video conferencing rooms should be equipped with modern amenities and should have certain characteristics to make them suit their purpose.

The features of a good room for video conferencing are as follows:

Choice of colours

The optimum colour of the room should be tan, beige, pale slate blue or other soft and pale colour tones. They provide the best backdrop for viewing. Bright colours or stark white colour can cause unnecessary glare while too dark colours impede vision.


Painted or papered wall in matte finish are the best background. The room should not have flashy or enamelled walls as they increase reflection. Also, checks and swirls should be avoided. They seem to flicker and can be a strain to the eye of the other person.

It is best not to have mirrors or other wall decorations within the scope of the video. If any such decorations are present, they should not have shiny surfaces.


Both artificial and natural lighting, are the most crucial features to consider when setting up the video conferencing rooms. Sunlight is not friendly to the camera as it creates unnecessary glare. So, when you are looking to rent serviced offices, try to select one where the room for video conferencing has no windows, or at least no exterior windows.

If windows are present in the room, there must be blinds to block out the light. Use diffused fluorescent fixtures to light the room. Lights should not be aimed at the camera. It should be bright with minimum possible shadowing. Avoid stark bright direct lights as they do not work well.


The equipments of the video conferencing rooms are probably the most important aspects. Hence, the…

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