Change Official Launch Day is Here, and It’s Bringing a Brand New Experience to Philly!

“CHANGE is more than a church; it’s a culture. The heart of Change is to help people come alive to their purpose.” – Elijah Hollis

A brand-new experience is coming to Philadelphia on September 24th, and it starts with CHANGE. CHANGE is where the city becomes a community; it is a place to get connected with a community of those who are on a mission to seeing CHANGE come to the city of Philadelphia. Change official launch day is an exciting event for everyone, and they are looking forward to providing stimulating and life changing experiences for everyone.

The Core Values of CHANGE are more than just a collection of words; they are a culture by which they live. What CHANGE values and strives for are what they put at the top of their priorities. So, in a sense, what they value, is what they do. That’s why the core values of CHANGE are so important. The CHANGE community knows that the core values keep them focused on what’s truly important in the midst of every other thing in the world screaming for our attention.

“CHANGE is more than a church; it’s a culture. The heart of Change is to help people come alive to their purpose. They believe in doing life together because they believe that we are only as strong as we are united. Through serving with community partners, to gathering at their weekend experiences to get inspired for each new week, they are seeing individuals come alive to become the ones who are creating CHANGE in their city. CHANGE is a place where you will find passionate, energetic music, an inspiring message, and a fun & safe place for kids to learn and grow together. Come join CHANGE and be a part of a community of those who are making the city of Philadelphia the greatest place to be.” – Elijah Hollis

The CHANGE initiative to transform a city begins with the Philadelphia community experiences on launch day.

When and where?

September 24, 2017 – 9:00 & 10:15am Experiences

Punch Line Philly – 33 E Laurel St, Philadelphia, PA.

Enjoy parking, background checked childcare, Federal donuts and La Colombe Coffee on us.

“Getting connected is so vital because it paves the way for solid relationships not only with each other but with Jesus as well. I love being a part of CHANGE because I…

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