CERTUS+ Organized a 3-day Workshop for Automotive Program Management Professionals in Mexico City, Mexico

Atul Kalia, Partner & Co-Founder CERTUS+

Organizations that consistently deliver high productivity and profitability can gain a significant competitive advantage

CERTUS+ organized a three-day workshop for automotive Program Management Professionals on the topic ‘Creating a High Performance Program Management Organization’ from September 6th to 8th 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico. Atul Kalia, partner & Co-Founder CERTUS+ and lead coach for SAE International’s Engineering Management Academy, conducted the workshop for Program Managers, Program Management Analysts, Program Supervisors and Program Management Engineers. Atul commented, “Organizations want to deliver results and execute their strategy on time, under budget while meeting quality goals. This requires high productivity and high performing teams that co-ordinate well with all stakeholders and cross-functional teams.”

Kalia remarked, “Gallup employee engagement surveys have shown year after year that only about 34% of the workforce worldwide is actively engaged at work. According to Harvard Business Review, studies by Queens School of Business and Gallup Organization have shown that organizations with low employee engagement scores experience 18% lower productivity and 16% lower profitability.” He added, “Organizations that consistently deliver high productivity and profitability can gain a significant competitive advantage over others. CERTUS+ enables an exceptionally high level of employee engagement, which in turn delivers higher productivity through program execution excellence”.

Pre-workshop activities for Program Management professionals included a self-assessment diagnostic to identify their needs, wants & strengths, a behavioral style assessment and 1 on 1 coaching. The self-assessment diagnostic helped identify the attendees’ skill level in various competencies that are relevant for creating program management excellence and high performance organizations. These competencies include focus on self awareness, listening skills, presentation skills, giving and receiving feedback; conflict resolution, developing others, dealing with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, talent acquisition, building high-performance teams; time…

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