Celebrities React To Charlottesville Protests

As violence continues consuming the city of Charlottesville, Virginia following a both a White Nationalist protest and a counter protest, celebrities are speaking out about the incident and expressing their dismay over what has happened in the city.

A State of Emergency has been declared in the city following the clashes between the groups that have been protesting in the city since Friday night. Initial furor broke out after torch-bearing demonstrators and counter-protesters clashed at the University of Virginia. Saturday’s planned “Unite the Right” rally, which was meant to unite both White Nationalists and other right-wing groups in the Democratic leaning town, following the city’s decision to remove symbols of its Confederate past.

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Things took an even more violent turn on Saturday afternoon, after a three-vehicle crash on a side street in the city that protesters were walking down. Video of the incident showed a Dodge Challenger driving quickly down the street before it rammed into another vehicle and into the crowd of protesters. The driver of the Challenger was then seen slamming the car in reverse and backing up the street again at another high rate of speed.

Initial celebrity reactions included anger by celebs who were livid that President Donald Trump had not initially responded to the violent incidents and the rally on Friday, with some calling him out for his silence.

Others slammed the President in general, claiming that his platform which helped get him elected is what contributed to events like these.

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