Ceding Violation of Privacy and Right Approach to the Social Media Security

It can’t be ignored that the advent of the 21st century brought various remarkable expansion in the field of IT field that every individual find it viable for everyday purpose. Virtual world took place rapidly and individuals having shortage of time find it the most significant mode to connect with the outer world in no time. The need of virtual world is growing each and every aspect with coming of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, My Spacey and many others for sharing one’s personal experience to messages to their friends. 


Besides all significant development in field of communication, a great ruckus is observed. The rise in the popularity among people and familiarity leaving any differential space for all age. What more important to examine is the growing unlawful permeation and its consequences, cyber bullying, abuses and virtual sexual and other immoral activities. 


The most vulnerable is the virtual community and easily prey of hackers, spammers and virtual thieves. In order to avoid these unbearable circumstances people are usually advised to  take attention on the security during surfing or visiting social networking sides and ignore things that appear to be suspicious.


Website security testing is significant before joining social networks where personal information is given. The best is to maintain absolute distance with the unknown web application unknown that usually surfers get through emails.  Breach in the privacy can be easily ceded through changing password frequently after a period of time. 


Everyday we get a number of e-mails about lotteries and request for release of money through an international bank because person has been selected due to some specific reason.  Cyber burglar on the pretext of these also request to provide essential numbers most preferably account numbers in order to transfer the money to the person’s account.  Personal information like financial account details, cell phone numbers, number and pin of…

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