CD and Video, a True Story Featuring Gloria Sanchez, Entitled COLOMBIANA, Produced and Released by De’Ken Management Production/Publishing-DMP Records

They call her “Colombiana”

Biography of Gloria Cristina Sanchez:

On a cold rainy night when Gloria Cristina Sanchez was 5 or 6 years old, a bus dropped her off on the streets of Bogota, Colombia. As Gloria stood on the street, frightened and soaked by rain, she began to cry. She survived eating from garbage cans and sleeping in cardboard boxes. Gloria would suck on gasoline to avoid being hungry. She was left to fend for herself on the streets of Bogota, Colombia.

Before being abandoned on the streets, Gloria lived with a lady named Celina. At this home, she endured verbal, physical and emotional abuse. She was not allowed to go to school with Celina’s children. Instead, was left behind to wash clothes, grind corn and polish the floors. Gloria was forced to eat leftover food that was usually given to the dogs.

One of the most devastating things that happened to Gloria was when Celina tried to drown her by shoving her head into a water trough. Thankfully, Gloria was rescued from drowning by Celina’s daughter. After this horrible incident, again, Gloria was on the streets for months, malnourished and dirty. She was picked up by a lady that was kind enough to take her to an orphanage. The orphanage was named Fana.

As a little girl, Gloria was very sad but never lost her faith in God. She would always talk to God asking him to find a loving family for her.

After a period of time, an American family from Washington State flew to Colombia to adopt Gloria. She was taken to Washington State where she lived with her adoptive parents. Gloria started school at a later age because she had to learn to speak English. As Gloria grew up, she decided on a career in law enforcement because of her perseverance, determination and vow to help others. She was given…

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