CBT Nuggets Releases End-User Training

CBT Nuggets, a leading provider of online video training for IT professionals, provides end-user training courses to help organizations train their employees on commonly used business technologies.

IT teams are often overburdened when tasked with training an entire company workforce on business technologies and security awareness for PCI compliance. CBT Nuggets can shoulder the training load with easy-to-understand, easily accessible online video training for end users.

CBT Nuggets currently offers end-user training for in-demand and widely used technologies such as security awareness, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Office, iOS 11, and Salesforce.

Unlike previous CBT Nuggets training, which teaches IT professionals how to perform intermediate to advanced network and computing techniques, end-user training is designed as a cost-effective force multiplier for IT teams that need to train their organization on new technologies and security awareness.

The courses within the CBT Nuggets end-user training library are designed to teach users how to effectively and safely use platforms and applications that are essential for day-to-day business functions.

“End users who are properly trained on the technologies they use daily make the work that organization does that much more effective,” said CBT Nuggets trainer Keith Barker, the creator of CBT Nugget’s End-User Security Awareness training course. “Not only will users be more productive on the job, they will be versed on how to prevent security threats, which can free up more time for your IT team to focus on larger projects. Less support tickets is a good thing.”

End-user training from CBT Nuggets helps organizations maximize their investment in technologies by:

  • Simplifying onboarding processes: Training can be assigned to users or preloaded onto devices using the CBT Nuggets apps.
  • Managing deployment: Users are prepared to effectively use upgraded or new technologies.
  • Reducing vulnerabilities: Security awareness training for users helps protect networks and data, while also meeting security compliance requirements.
  • Leveraging IT Resources: IT teams have more time for high-priority tasks when they don’t have to respond to simple end-user requests.

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