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Some things are true even though LaVar Ball says them. The more he talks, the less you laugh, the more you think.

One thing Ball says is that college basketball isn’t a necessity.

What happened Tuesday did not contradict him.

The U.S. Attorney’s office of the Southern District of New York said that, in at least five cases, the road to the Final Four is clogged with vehicles for the care and feeding of assistant coaches, financial advisers and shoe executives.

Four assistant coaches, including Tony Bland of USC, were charged with fraud and corruption.

“The madness of college basketball goes beyond the Big Dance in March,” intoned Joon H. Kim, the acting district attorney.

The other assistant coaches are Chuck Person of Auburn, Emanuel “Book” Richardson of Arizona and Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State.

Beyond that, the feds cited a $100,000 payment to a player who wound up at a university that fits the description of  Louisville, which is already in the lap of NCAA probation.

Aside from his forgivable misidentification of Auburn and USC as “top-tier programs,” Kim was painstaking in showing the two criminal tracks.

In one, the coaches got paid to aim their players toward specific agents and advisers in their post-college world.

Christian Dawkins, in the process of forming his sports agency, told one of the coaches that if the scheme is set up properly, “We will own college basketball.”

Dawkins was an independent contractor at the time because…

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