Cartoon animation videos – A joy to watch and understand

During the early days of internet, websites were basically just long pages of text content. Later, HTML tags such H1 & H2 dominated web pages which highlighted the headings and sub-headings, attracting viewers with its large fonts. Once the browsers evolved, images took over. This was the period when websites really became colorful and interactive. Images were splashed all over the websites to hold viewer’s attention. Animated images like GIF’s ruled the roost.

That was past. Today, web videos

have taken over. They form an integral part of most websites. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why a video is an indispensible web element.

1. Videos can be embedded in emails. It makes them more effective than HTML mailers.

2. A video creates an instant impact on the viewers. Its retention power is also long lasting.

3. Products and services are easily accepted because videos possess inherent power of describing them succinctly and comprehensibly.

4. Videos are easy to create, unlike web pages and graphics which take lot of time and money.

5. Videos embedded in websites are entertaining, interactive and effective. It lowers a company’s carbon footprint by reducing the consumption of paper.

6. Videos form an important SEO strategy.

A web video is not very difficult to create. It does necessitate the services of few specialists, such as script writer, videographer and editor, but most of the times a single entity performs multiple tasks reducing the number of people required for web video creation.

There are two ways of creating a web video.

1. Using online platform.

2. Offline medium.

Creating online video is a three step procedure. The process begins by selecting an interactive template. Once you have selected the template, the next step is to use your own images, videos and audio or choose from the website’s repertoire. When all the elements are in place, you can preview, edit, till the desired result is achieved. The final step is to save it as .avi, .mov or .mp4.

On the other hand offline method of video creation typically begins by approaching an agency or an individual, who will start filming the video. Once all the elements are incorporated, including voice over, a raw video is created. After several edits and rendering the video is ready to be uploaded.

Cartoon animation videos as the name suggests do not use models. They typically use cartoon characters to create videos which are used for marketing or educational purpose. Cartoon based videos…

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