Caronlab’s Bump eRaiser Now Available on

“It’s time for the United States to learn about all the benefits our products offer,” said Griffin. “Becoming available through makes us one step closer toward that goal.”

Caronlab Australia, a company known for developing high-quality skincare and shaving products, announced its Bump eRaiser is now available for purchase on, a specialty site targeting health-conscious consumers.

Caronlab helps its customers achieve their skincare and beauty goals through offering a wide range of well-designed products. Originally founded by Lilliane Caron, who ran salons in Australia for years, the company has developed a reputation for delivering on its promises and is now a formidable force in the American market. Bump eRaiser is used to effectively treat a variety of common skin conditions associated with shaving and waxing, including pimples, redness and itchiness.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with,” said Derek Griffin, retail brand manager for Caronlab. “This site is a leader in providing natural products to consumers who want to look and feel their best. Bump eRaiser is one of our most-popular products because its unique blend of ingredients is remarkably effective for hair removal. This new deal marks a significant point in Caronlab’s journey.”

Bump eRaiser is formulated to make users’ skin softer and more radiant. Its ingredients come in a highly concentrated form in the Bump eRaiser serum, which is an outstanding spot solution and tool for eliminating razor bumps or slowing hair growth. People who suffer from razor burn are able to find outstanding results when using the product.

The Bump eRaiser line consists of six products specifically designed to aid with different skin issues. Cool Splash, for example, is a refreshing solution to cool skin after shaving and IPL/laser treatments. Using natural fruit acids, this product soothes skin while limiting redness. It’s especially useful for the head, chest and neck. Another example is

Medi Paste, which is scientifically formulated with Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin A to draw out the infection rapidly without causing trauma to the skin.

“It’s time for the United States to learn about all the…

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