CarePassport Launches as the First Platform that Gives Patients Control on all Their Medical Data

“CarePassport available now for iPhone, iPad and Android”

A Boston based company – CarePassport – is on a mission to enable patients to take control of their medical records by allowing patients to aggregate, store, share and manage all their medical data including radiology images, lab results, dental, vitals, medications and more at no cost to the patient. CarePassport brings patient data together in one single, secure health portal, and allows patients to create a secure medical wallet with key information including demographics, insurance, emergency contacts and important health info for emergencies, such as blood type, allergies and medications. The app enables patients to import their medical data from any current patient portal or EMR.

Before creating CarePassport, Co-Founders Mohamed Shoura, PhD and Chip Truwit, MD worked on solutions that help physicians, payors, and healthcare providers to value engineer their services to improve patient care, reduce expense, and improve revenue. Each realized that there was a missing piece to the puzzle. Noticing a demand for a more comprehensive approach to patient engagement, they created the all-encompassing, user-friendly app. “We wanted to simplify the process for patients, yet also provide value for physicians and other patient care providers,” explains Dr. Shoura.

The app doesn’t just serve patients. It’s extremely valuable for medical service providers. Dr. Shoura explains that part of the revenue loss experienced by many providers is in missed appointments and over-booking. The app enables people to not only find physicians and labs in their area but also creates calendar reminders for appointments, online check-in, and directions

for patients—all of which helps to reduce…

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