Careless Driving Leads to Truck Accident

The careless driving of a semi driver led to serious injury for a Bradenton woman recently in an incident that involved her vehicle, a garbage truck, and the semi. The incident, which put the woman in the hospital, was indicative of why anyone who suffers injuries in a collision for which another is to blame should consult with an accident lawyer as soon as possible so that the lawyer can help to advise the victim of legal options for recovering any damages incurred as a result of the accident.

The truck accident that injured the Bradenton woman occurred in the middle of the afternoon near the intersection of Rye Road and CR 675. According to a report from the Florida Highway Patrol, the garbage truck was traveling eastbound on CR 675 and the semi was following closely behind. The woman was westbound, also on County Road 675. The accident occurred when the garbage truck began to slow down for a pick up, but the semi failed to slow down behind the garbage truck. The driver of the semi swerved to avoid colliding with the back of the garbage truck, but clipped the truck and then spun out into the oncoming traffic and into a head-on accident with the woman.

Emergency responders to the scene of the truck accident had to extricate the woman and afterwards, she  was transported to the hospital where she was listed in serious condition, according to the police report. Police charged the driver of the semi truck with careless driving, according to the report from the Highway Patrol.

A truck accident can cause extensive property damage and personal injury because of the weight and the size of the truck itself. Consulting with a Bradenton truck accident lawyer is important when one has been injured, because an accident lawyer experienced  with trucking companies and their insurance companies can draw upon that expertise in an effort to try to obtain for you whatever compensation you may be due. And, because trucks are often subject to both state and federal laws, your…

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