Career Partners International Texas Transforms Talent Acquisition

Transforming Talent Acquisition in today’s environment centers on a process that ensures employee engagement, productivity and retention. The objective is connecting top talent with the right opportunity and inspiring talent through the alignment with the company’s culture. Most of all, it’s understanding an empowered workforce’s desire for flexibility, creativity and purpose.

There are numerous talent acquisition methods that are practiced today, but many do not properly achieve the above stated objectives. To conform to the rapidly changing business environments and compete meaningfully for the best talent requires innovative ways of recruiting and onboarding. How companies set the stage for individuals in new roles is imperative for the long-term success of each new hire. The journey to this success is accomplished through understanding organizational expectations and priorities, while creating and executing strategic recruiting plans. This is not about just sourcing, interviewing and hiring.

The recruiting process that is used by Career Partners International, Texas and provided to client companies is a proprietary process called Performance, Integration, Engagement, Retention (PIER); a proven process used to create a 100% opportunity for success.

The first objective is to focus on Performance – Clearly identifying the performance expectation for the position and fully vetting the requirements with leadership prior to candidate sourcing. The sourcing plan has to be focused and consistent. The interview process is focused on the stated priorities and thoroughly evaluated by the leadership team. Clearly define what success looks like now and in the future for this position.

The second objective is Integration – Concentrating on effectively integrating the new employee into their position and organization. This is accomplished through an onboarding process focused on the position priorities and integrating effectively with related personnel. Utilizing a professional onboarding coach and process for the first 90 days of employment and onboarding significantly enhances the employee’s performance and retention.

The third objective is Engagement – Effectively integrating the employee into the organization and aligning their strengths with position objectives is essential. …

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