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In a bid to get the government to change the law so that installing an alarm is a legal requirement for all landlords in the UK, OpenRent carried out a Carbon Monoxide Awareness Survey. 

So far, 180 respondents have taken part and answered a series of six questions, including ‘does your home have a carbon monoxide alarm’ and ‘whose responsibility is it to provide an alarm?’ 

The survey revealed some shocking results. 

Just less than half of people (46.7 per cent) said they have a carbon monoxide alarm in their home, 31 per cent reported not having one, and 23 per cent didn’t even know what one was. 

Only 12 per cent of respondents could correctly answer when asked whose responsibility it was to install a carbon monoxide alarm in a rented home. 

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no smell or taste. 

Breathing it in can make you unwell, and it can kill if you’re exposed to high levels. 

An OpenRent spokesman said: “At a time where more and more people are moving into the private rental sector (PRS) for their primary accommodation, we think it is crucial that tenants and landlords alike are aware of the deadly risk carbon monoxide poses to tenants and their pets. Tenants need to know the warning signs of a CO buildup, and landlords across the UK need to know their legal duties to protect tenants, and how to fulfil them. 

“Specifically, landlords need to be clear that the best way to protect their tenants from CO poisoning is through the provision of an audible CO alarm, regular inspection & maintenance of their fuel-burning appliances, and educating their tenants on how to stay CO safe. 

“As the UK’s largest letting agent, our message to all landlords is to supply they rental properties with audible CO alarms. Our message to tenants it to check their home today for an audible CO alarm. Is there one? Is it properly placed? Is it working, and do the batteries need charging?

“We set up our CO Safety Survey campaign to try and get this…

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