Car Wars Quickly Translates and Summarizes Foreign Language Calls into English for Dealers

Car Wars is filling the gaps in the automotive industry’s phone processes once again by providing dealership management deeper insight into all phone calls. Specifically, key phone calls that happen to include a foreign language. At one point, dealership owners and managers solely had insight into English calls, resulting in many foreign language calls being overlooked and ignored. The call tracking company proactively solves this problem each day by accurately translating numerous foreign language calls, and recapping what happened on the calls, into English text.

Car Wars employs more than 100,000 human reviewers through its Humanatic platform, who listen to and review calls based on several categories — for example, specifying whether a caller was connected to a qualified agent, whether a firm appointment was set, and whether a sales opportunity was present on the call — to list a few.

The scale of Humanatic gives Car Wars an unprecedented advantage in their ability to review phone calls for dealerships. Many of the trained reviewers who make up the Humanatic team are bilingual and multilingual. They are trained to quickly review and translate foreign language calls to English. Car Wars effectively becomes a robust translation service for dealers.

This technology fuels Car Wars’ two newest enhancements to the feature that take translation capabilities a step further. One of the enhancements is a translated call indicator. This quickly alerts dealers if a specific call was originally in a foreign language and that call details have been translated in English.

The translation feature’s second newest enhancement enables dealers to filter through all their calls for specifically foreign translation calls. Dealer owners, managers, and staff agents can easily learn at a glance what occurred on the call, regardless of fluency in the language. The filter is a game changer in the automotive industry because it provides a clear picture of foreign language phone traffic volume, and pinpoints which calls are business opportunities.

The Census Bureau reported that in 2010, 1 in 5 U.S. residents spoke a foreign language in the home, making up 61.8 million people; the number has been on a dramatic incline since.

“This has serious implications for managers who depend on Car Wars to improve on the…

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