Capture, Share and Live Stream Your Life in 360° with Tamaggo 360LiveCam Now Shipping to Consumers Worldwide

Tamaggo 360LiveCam fits ergonomically in your hand and takes full 360 degree photos and videos with one-click that you can immediately send or share on social media.

Tamaggo is bringing people back together in a digital world by sharing everything in your experience – not just yourself. – Rodolphe Droin, Chairman of Tamaggo

Tamaggo 360LiveCam is now available to purchase on, just in time to get on those holiday wish lists! With its sleek egg-shaped design that fits ergonomically in one hand and reflects the name of the company (“Tamaggo” means egg in Japanese), Tamaggo 360LiveCam delivers unsurpassed image quality and is the only 360° camera with an intuitive touchscreen interface. With its simple one-click 360° photo and video capture, Tamaggo 360LiveCam is the best value for those who want to truly and immersively share their life in real-time with family or friends, or build more interactive social communities.

“Tech today is very isolating – people are ego-oriented, taking selfies and only sharing and showing themselves,” commented Rodolphe Droin, Chairman of Tamaggo. “Tamaggo is bringing people back together in a digital world by sharing everything in your experience – not just yourself. This has the potential to cause a big shift in behavior, and we are taking a leadership role in educating consumers about the new 360° paradigm. This is what excites our team the most.”

“Tamaggo’s mission is to create life-changing experiences that connect people, so we set out to make our camera as simple to use as possible,” said Frederique Huillet, COO of Tamaggo. “Both the camera and the mobile app were built to deliver on the functionality and technical specifications of a great user experience: ease-of-use, live features, image quality and touch screen control. With Tamaggo 360LiveCam, anyone can feel like they are with you in an immersive way, at any time, wherever you are.”

Tamaggo 360LiveCam Makes Music Come to Life

In July, Tamaggo captured the ‘Boys Of Summer’ U.S. Tour live with 360° footage of singer/musician Mackenzie Sol in Los Angeles, Orlando and New York. Sol was the only artist on the tour to be recorded in 360° and the content was shared…

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