Capricorn weekly horoscope – What stars have for you this week

If you are born between 22nd December and 20th January then your zodiac sign will be Capricorn. The lord of this zodiac sign is Saturn which means the planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn.

This week your professional life is going to dominate over your personnel life as you are going to have lots of work and even after full dedication, you are tend to not fail in completing the work assigned to you in stipulated time period.

This will force you to carry your work at home which in turn will bring some strong reaction from your family members.

But, if you succeed in balancing everything properly, you would definitely emerge as a winner at your work place and will get lots of praise from your seniors. It will also help your juniors to show dedication and strike a balance between their work and professional life. So you are going to be a motivational factor for them.

Your quest for knowledge is likely to awaken this week and will arouse a strong desaire to read and learn but due to work pressure, you may not fulfill it. Children will definitely look forward towards new academic session with great enthusiasm and confidence.

As per Capricorn Weekly Horoscope, you will be benefitted in terms of cash by the work done in the past. Its good time to involve in new activities and it is a good time to make new contacts. These contacts could be with some influential people which might help you in the long run. Your financial situation will be very sound as your income will increase significantly in this week.

The stars are in favor of investing into property but you need to minutely observe all the details before signing any agreement.

Love and relationship – Family atmosphere is likely to be full of happiness and fortune. Some good planning will make you enjoy in some special moments with your partner. If you are married, you should be more compassionate towards your partner.

Those who are single may spent some good time and there are chances of travelling. So make a…

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