Candy Bar School Fundraisers- A Quick Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages

All school fundraising options have advantages and disadvantages. By learning about the advantages and disadvantages of each fundraising type you are considering you can determine which options are right for you. Understanding the potential problems that a fundraiser might have will also allow you to plan more effectively and to reduce the occurrence of these problems. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of a candy bar school fundraiser.

The Benefits of a Candy Bar Fundraiser

Candy bar fundraisers have many potential benefits. Schools and organizations can quickly earn profits with this fundraising choice. This type of fundraiser works well for school organizations like sports teams, clubs and special interest groups. It is an ideal fundraising choice for college and high school students.

Great Profits

Candy bar fundraising can be very profitable and works well when a small fundraiser is needed.  Your organization will be able to earn profits up to 50% or more depending on the type of candy sold which is more than they would earn with many other fundraising choices.

An Ideal Choice for Smaller Organizations

One obstacle that small groups face in fundraising is finding a fundraiser that doesn’t require a large minimum order. With a candy bar fundraiser your organization will only have to spend a few hundred dollars and purchase a case or two of candy bars. Organizations of any size can benefit from a candy bar fundraiser.

Plenty of Buyers

Candy bars are very affordable which means that anyone can afford to support your school. Many people can buy a candy bar using the change they find in their pockets. You will have no problem finding plenty of potential buyers when you sell candy bars.

Students Love It.

Students love selling candy bars to family, friends and other students. They find that selling candy is much less intimidating than selling items from a catalog. They enjoy selling candy to other students and other students like being able to purchase candy while at school. One way to make candy sales more appealing to students is to allow them to play an active role in selecting the type of candy that you will sell.

Candy Bar Sales Disadvantages

While there are many benefits to selling candy bars, there are also a few disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the biggest downsides to this fundraising choice.

Requires an Initial Investment

Before your school can sell candy bars, they will have to purchase them. This…

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