Can You Survive Your Remodel?

Remodeling or renovating your home can be a project that is filled with both anticipation and frustration. There’s so much work to be completed, changes to be made and new spaces to be created. Unplanned changes are sure to crop up as the bones of the home are exposed. But finally, as the new personality of the home begins to unfold, feelings of excitement and pride will replace the desperate determination that kept you going during the hardest parts of the home improvement project. Learning how to survive through the tough times may just be the most important piece of information you learn.

Here are some important tips for surviving a remodel:

Plan, Plan, Plan Some More

The decision making part of a remodel will last from before you start until after you think the remodel is complete. With extensive planning, you can reduce the amount of stress and headaches that result from last minute decisions and projects that run over budget and time. You should prepare lists of your most important desired features and then include your second and third choices. Carefully create a budget and then decide how much of that budget will be allocated to each project area of your remodel. Then determine where you’ll be willing to make sacrifices when another project runs over budget. With the general contractor, develop a detailed timeline. If you plan to have new doors and windows installed on a specific date, you’ll want to be sure that the appropriate openings are prepared and ready to go.

Establish Workable Boundaries

The crush of additional people in your home and the frustration of working with many different personalities can be reduced by setting up some rules and boundaries in the very beginning. Some of the boundaries to consider are:

  • The days and times that workers will be coming and going.
  • Who will have keys and who will not have keys to your home?
  • Which of your bathrooms, telephones and parking areas are available to the workers?
  • The area of the home that will be a construction-free zone for family members.
  • Will the workers be allowed to bring radios or other sources of music in?

You may discover other issues as you go, but if you can establish most things initially, then everyone will have a clear understanding of what is expected.

Determine Who’s In Charge

If there are several people in your home trying to tell workers what to do and when to do it, there is bound to be a lot of confusion. There should be one person in your home who is…

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