Can You Reduce Your Stress By How You Breathe?

Do you need to relieve your tension at the end of the day? Do you want a system to help you relax so you can be more productive? We get exited in our everyday lives causing a state of arousal even though we have nothing to be excited about. This can cause undue stress, emotion problems including anger and depression, not to mention being irritable. Along with this are the physical things like headaches and stomach aches. Knowing how to relax with focused breathing exercises can help get rid of the symptoms and calm you and also can help you sleep. A better quality sleep helps you feel rested and thus be more productive during the day.

You must be in a good comfortable position for your breathing exercise. This is the first step. There are many positions you can take. These include: lying on your stomach, lying on your back, sitting with your legs crossed, sitting on your feet with your knees forward and lastly, standing. Whatever position you decide on should be one that is comfortable for you or you won’t be able to relax at all not matter how you breathe. Find something that works for you and change positions during the exercises to find the most comfortable. You may want to change positions anyway as some of the breathing exercises make more sense as you change.

Also, the proper breathing technique is important. This is the next step in the process. Normally we take pretty shallow and short breaths. When you are doing the breathing exercises it is important to take longer, fuller, deeper breaths. This helps put is in a more relaxed state. To accomplish this, breathe in and out with your stomach going in and out. While you are doing this type of deep breathing make sure you stay relaxed by not moving your shoulders up and down or you will again be taking shallow breaths. Breathing deeply should result in bringing out the chest, the stomach and the collar bone.

Also you need to breathe very slowly allowing about 5 second when you inhale and 5 seconds when you exhale, but do focus more on the technique above than the pace. Breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth, breathing deeply in and out.

Focus your attention on your breathing and clear you mind of anything else to relieve the stress. This is the point of the exercises, to keep focused on the breathing so your mind doesn’t have a chance to wander. When it does, just slowly concentrate more on the breathing again and you will find it easier to focus. The more you do it the easier it…

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