Can career mentoring really open doors?


It’s often claimed that there’s a mentoring relationship lying behind every flourishing business enterprise or successful career, but is that really the case? Can mentors really be that instrumental?  Well, mentors can certainly help entrepreneurs to realise their potential and are capable of opening doors for those who want to advance in their careers: yet there are others who succeed alone through sheer will and determination, who don’t so much open the doors themselves, as break them down. So, if you can succeed as a self-starter, then why would you need a mentor?


Mentoring is one of the most effective tools for career advancement. An effective mentoring system allows a mentee to utilise the full range of skill sets of those around them, it can help them get their feet under an industry stakeholder’s table, connect them with those that matter. Mentors can advise and guide pupils during the turbulent times as they strive towards success in their chosen field. Even those self-starters with all the enthusiasm and drive needed to make it to the top, will definitely gain from a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship. Nobody, no matter how focused, can possibly ever know all the answers. Is there any need to break down doors when someone can open them for you?


How can you spot a good mentor and know whether they’ll be right for you?


Mentors are everywhere and we come across them every day of our lives. We’re involved in the mentor/mentee relationship in one form or other from the day we’re born: we’re mentored and advised by our families, at school or college, at work and even by our friends on occasion. It’s just that we tend not to spot it because it’s so close to us. Mentors don’t need to be traditional work-based or industry-based professionals. All they need to be able to do is be capable of advising and suggesting ways to achieve goals or overcome difficulties. 


Mentors need to be able to build a relationship with…

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