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Emmanuel Macedo had played sports all his life: basketball, flag football, especially soccer. But it wasn’t until he took a philosophy of sport class did he think of pursuing an academic field that related to the study of sport.

He was attending Cal State Fullerton as an undergraduate student majoring in philosophy, hoping to eventually be a higher-education counselor. But with two semesters left, his fiancé at the time, Fergie Macedo, encouraged him to pursue a kinesiology minor.

He loved it, as he thrived in the “Philosophy of Human Movement” class taught by John Gleaves, associate professor of kinesiology.

“It seemed really interesting to me that the two things I liked were in one place,” said Macedo, who finished his undergraduate degree in 2015. Gleaves inspired him to join the Master’s program in kinesiology.

This spring, Macedo graduated with a master’s in kinesiology. He is now pursuing a doctorate in History and Philosophy of Sport in the Department of Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University. The program will take about three and a half years.

He is one of 54 scholars to benefit from the 2017-18 CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program, which offers loans up to $10,000 per year for five years, with a maximum amount of $30,000.

“Just to be able to have this opportunity to get a Ph.D. and to go on and hopefully become a professor and eventually get a job at an institution (in the CSU system), that means a lot to me, to us, really, to my wife and I,” Macedo said.

“It’s one of the things that, coming out of our bachelor’s degrees, it’s one of the things that we struggled so hard to take that next step,” Macedo said. “When I got presented this opportunity with my mentor I have now, when he told me about the master’s program and the Ph.D. program I could eventually do, it was really exciting.”

Macedo who served as a teacher associate and graduate assistant for the Department of Kinesiology and as a researcher for…

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