Caiman Hat Clips Introduces an Innovative Design to Hang and Store Hats with Ease via Kickstarter

Caiman Hat Clip

Caiman Hat Clips, a startup based in Carlsbad, CA, launched its newest product for hat collectors and enthusiasts worldwide on Kickstarter today. The Caiman Hat Clip is a hat clip with an unique, patented design that allows hats to be hung easily, efficiently, and without losing their form or getting creased. Engineered around form and function, the Caiman Hat Clip holds hats by their button as well as having a small hook so users can enjoy displaying and storing their hats without worrying about space or damage to their hats.

For the past few months, the Caiman team has tested their prototypes and refined their design. After gathering feedback from hat collectors, enthusiasts, owners and target consumers from around the world, the Caiman team has perfected their design and is ready to take the Caiman Hat Clip to market.

“I was fine leaving my hats in a drawer until I needed more room and found some of them to have developed unsightly creases,” said Ian Kovacevich, founder of Caiman Hat Clips. “Inspired by the Caiman alligator and how it grips its prey, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize the way people store their hats.”

An organized, efficient closet is a good indicator of an effective individual. Hat-wearers may opt to hang their hats away in a closet, which will help them save storage space on the floor or in drawers, or hang them out on display to enhance a room’s overall taste and style. Depending on the number of hats an individual possesses, Caiman hat clips can save cubic feet of storage space and make hats more accessible for quick access. For those who wish to enjoy their hats without stacking or folding them, Caiman offers a way to store hats in a simple, elegant way.

Caiman’s plastic grip and hook, available in white, gray, or black, is small and strong. On one side, a patented grip is ready to hold a hat by the button on top of it, letting hats retain their natural form and orientation while hanging. On the other side is a small simple hook. The hat will remain locked in the button even under considerable forces or changing orientation, meaning hats will stay attached hanging in vehicles or suitcases as well. Up to ten hats may be stored on a single hanger using these clips….

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