C-Live Mail Recovery Review

OutlookExpress not only provides email correspondence to many businesses and personal use, but also provides users the capability to keep track of appointments, business contacts, to-do lists, among other tasks, into one program; making it one of the most predominant applications in the market today. Convenience of accessing needed information from anywhere can also become an inconvenience. Outlook saves data in files as .DBX files. If this file becomes corrupted, deleted or lost for any reason all of your information for businesses are inaccessible. If this happens, a program called “C-Outlook Express Recovery” will provide DBX recovery, along with user deleted emails.

C-Outlook Express Recovery is user-friendly making it possible for anyone to recover lost files.  This program is a sophisticated tool that provides an effortless way to recover DBX files caused by accidental deletion, damaged or an inaccessible disk. To undelete email data that was accidentally emptied just start C-Outlook, choose to have it run a quick scan of your computer,and within a matter of minutes a list of recoverable emails is displayed; making this an indispensable tool.

C-Outlook Express Recovery can provide DBX recovery simply by scanning your computer and identifying any email databases that are on your computer. All the user needs to do is choose which database is needed for repair and, within minutes, the job is done. During this process, C-Outlook Express Recovery will create a new DBX file, or separate .EML files which can be used in any email client at a later time.

Undeleting email or recovery of DBX files is not all the C-Outlook Express Recovery is capable of. Damaged hard drives, by any means, can cause a data loss. C-Outlook is able to address you hard disk directly and perform a complete scan of the hdd. Email database parts are then detected and reassembled automatically; DBX recovery at is finest.

C-Outlook Express Recovery allows previews of recoverable emails. With this program you are able to examine each file and email; making sure the correct DBX recovery is obtained or the email needed is undeleted. Contacts, and any information associated to them, are also available to view. This in itself makes the program irreplaceable. Time is not lost recovering emails until the correct one is located; C-Outlook lets you get it right the first time.

If your business relies on Outlook for email and everyday organization and scheduling, C-Outlook Express Recovery is a…

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