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After you have a baby, there seems to have arrived a period when your figure is between “being pregnant” and what you “used” to be before pregnancy. Unlike our celebs, immediately hitting the gym or slipping into liquid diet is practically not possible. Hence, choosing the right kind of clothes post pregnancy is important. They will not only speak about how well you welcome a change in your life, but they will also help form a positive image about you. Choosing fashion clothes makes you fall in the category of “yummy mummy” and spares you the horror of being called an “aunty”. Though they may cost a little more than normal clothes, they are nothing less than an investment. So if you are a new mom and in this stage of fashion dilemma, we have compiled some fashion tips that will help you proudly sail through.

Firstly, choose clothes that buttons so that you can easily breast feed. It not only saves you the awkwardness of pulling the whole dress up and sitting in rest room for hours, but is convenient even for the baby. Then comes choosing a dress which shows off your curves without going over-the-top. Thanks to the nine months of extensive eating and weight gain, women even after delivery are enough voluptuous. All you need to do is grab the right fit that shows off that curvy bosom and upper half. One thing to keep in mind is that you can buy clothes online. The rates are much cheaper and give you an opportunity to spend some peaceful time with your baby.

Thirdly and the most important are accessories. It is very important to keep accessorize to minimum once you have a baby. Your danglers or big rings might just poke him and set him into a crying mode. When you cannot accessorize like now, all you can do is put on some trendy fashion clothes which are not too loose or tight and a designer foot wear. Trust me, sexy sandals and peek-a-boo(s) are an amazing piece of work and a must have in your wardrobe.

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