Buy and Sell Australian Domain Names at Affordable Prices

Many people every day wonder where they can find domain names. But what exactly is a domain name? Domains that are used amongst the internet. More specifically, it is the address you see in the address bar that comes after the www. And is also the address that comes after the at the rate sign within an email address.

A domain is consisted of two different parts. Firstly there is the top level domain, or TLD. The top level domain in this address, “” is “.eu”. The “eurid” part of this address is referred to as the second level domain, and is the specific name for the address. Second level domains can be made up of 63 characters and can be used with a number of different top level domains, including: .com, .org., and .net. Other than the common top level domains, there are also country specific ones, for example .fr represents France and .au represents Australia. When typing in the domain name, you will most likely begin with www, which indicates that you will be typing in an address to take your to a certain website. Those who have their own domain names can put together their own websites with that address, and may also use it for their emails. When you own your own domain, you will also be able to choose what comes before the at the rate sign for your email address.

If you are like the millions of others who are looking to purchase your own domain name to start your own website, you are probably wondering about pricing. At one point in time, domain names could cost over 100 dollars to start and keep up. However, in this day and age and with such an increase in competition between companies, most companies are offering the cheapest domain names at unbeatable prices. Some companies will only expect you to pay as little as ten dollars per domain name, and some even offer cheap domain names for lower pricing than that!

However, be careful when you are searching for cheap domain names. Remember that there are good qualities that you need to be looking for before you decide to purchase the domain name. Firstly, make sure your domain name is short, the ideal name being three to five letters long. Secondly, the domain name should be easy to remember. Don’t expect people to remember crazy worded domain names. Keep your domain name short and simple. Your name should have a .com extension at the end of it. Make your domain descriptive and brand able so people will remember what they are looking for. Finally, you should not contain any hyphens…

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