Businessolver Launches MyChoice Market, a Mobile-enabled Employee Offboarding Solution

HR technology leader creates industry-first marketplace that puts employers on the leading edge of the boomerang employment trend.

Businessolver®, a leader in SaaS-based benefits administration technology, today announced the launch of MyChoice Market℠, an innovative technology solution that allows employers to offer seamless benefits transition when offboarding employees.

The industry-first marketplace gives employers using Businessolver’s benefits administration platform a strategic advantage for capitalizing on the growing trend of “boomerang” employment – when employees leave an organization, then return. With persistent skilled labor shortages and U.S. unemployment at 4.3% (its lowest point in 16 years), employers are increasingly open to considering boomerang employees to fill the more than 6 million current U.S. job openings.

“The way we offboard employees is just as critical as how we onboard them – and you don’t need to look any further than the boomerang phenomenon to see why,” said Jon Shanahan, Businessolver President and CEO. “MyChoice Market can set employers apart by maintaining consistent support for employees in managing their benefits, no matter where they are on the employment spectrum.”

Boomerang Employment Driven by Millennials

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, younger Millennials (ages 19-35), spend an average of 1.3 years with an employer. However, according to Workplace Trends, 46 percent of Millennials say they would return to a former company – and they aren’t alone. A third of Gen X employees and 29 percent of Boomers also would consider boomerang employment. The same study finds that 40 percent of HR professionals would rehire alumni employees.

MyChoice Market Engages Alumni Employees

Recognizing those statistics, Businessolver created MyChoice Market as a tool to help transform the offboarding process for departing employees. Powered by Benefitsolver®, Businessolver’s secure, single-source benefits technology platform, and leveraging its proprietary mobile app, companies can use MyChoice Market as part of their strategy to facilitate a positive offboarding experience for all employees, from Millennials to retirees. Offering a simple online shopping experience with a mix…

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