Bullying Addressed Through Story Of ‘The Squirrel’s Finnegan’

J. Russell Brooks notes that bullying has become an epidemic in this country. In his own way, he sets up a platform for parents and children not only to share precious bonding time but also to openly talk about and discuss the reality of bullying. “The Squirrel’s Finnegan” (published by AuthorHouse) is a delightful book that teaches children about accepting differences and standing up against bullying.

The book is about the struggles a family has to face with having a child with special needs. It mirrors the financial and emotional decisions the parents have to make to assure that child can excel in the world today. It also highlights the challenges the whole family has to endure just because the child looks and behaves a little different. Through a story that features squirrels, this book sheds light on the acceptance of people with special needs and to address the epidemic of bullying in the world.

“The Squirrel’s Finnegan,” at its core, allows bonding and learning experience for both parents and children to learn about bullying and intolerance. Reading the book together will hopefully start an open dialog between parent and child to learn how to deal with bullying.

This colourfully illustrated read sheds light on the acceptance of people with special needs addresses the epidemic that is bullying. Brooks hopes that “with the introduction of the illustration kids will be able to relate and be more easily talk to elders about tolerance and bullying.”

“The Squirrel’s Finnegan”

By J. Russell Brooks

Softcover | 8.5 x 11in | 46 pages | ISBN 9781524650872

E-Book | 46 pages | ISBN 9781524650865

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

J. Russell Brooks grew up in the 1960s as part of a Navy family, the youngest…

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