Building Resilience Against Terrorism and Asymmetric Threat Workshop on the 30th of June in Rome, Italy

The Workshop called “Building Resilience against Terrorism and Asymmetric Threats”, organized by the Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defense, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”-Department of Electronic Engineering, University of the Republic of San Marino- Center for Security Training and Education and Flinders University-Torrens Resilience Insitute, that will take place in Rome, Italy on the 30th June 2017 at 9:00am at the General Command of Carabinieri in Rome. Guest speakers include:

Ed Alcantara

Darknet Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Chief Cyber Intelligence Officer

CyberHUMINT Methodologies

Dr. Karen Hammad

Associate Director, Torrens

Resilience Institute, Flinders

University Australia

Dott. Marco Di Fonzo

Scientific Director Research Center

SAPR Link Campus University

Prof. Sandro Bologna

Italian Association of Critical

Infrastructures’ Experts

Gen. D. (a) Pasquale Lavacca

Former General Director Information and Automated Services of Carabinieri

Prof. Roberto Mugavero

Presidente OSDIFE

The increasing ability to indiscriminately hit targets, as well as the creativity and flexibility in strategy, tactics, methodologies and tools demonstrated by the offenders and the asymmetry of the global threat, highlight how it is important to improve and strengthen the organization and the integration of human, technological, financial resources and capabilities to face events on local, regional and international levels.

General Command of Carabinieri, Viale Romania 45 – 00197 Rome





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