Build Your Health With “NOW Shark Liver Oil”

Medical research has never failed to shock us every now and then when new research comes up. One of the amazing researches that came into existence was the usage of shark liver oil. This oil extracted from livers of deep-water sharks and is usually considered as a byproduct of the shark meat we eat. Initially, in the Scandinavian countries, when people used to fishing, the baby sharks used to be caught up in the nets. These dead fishes were thrown back into the sea by the anglers as they were of no use. With the passage of time, from the sixteenth century, different countries started using shark liver oil as herbal remedy for inflammation and many other health issues.

Even though there has not been enough research made on the side effects of shark liver oil when conjoined with other medications, it has been found that shark liver oil contains vitamins and acids which are important for the human immune system. However, in different countries it has been used for different purposes. In Europe, it is used as an alternative medication but if we look at in United States, Shark liver oil is prescribed as a health supplement.

Alkylglycerols, which has been used for the treatment of cancer, has been found in shark liver oil. Furthermore, it has been that shark liver oil best works on human immune system and wound healing. This is all because of the presence of alkylglycerols in the oil. These alkylglycerols works as fighting agents in the body and increases the immune system, thus making the body work better. These results are based on a few clinical testing, and are not just claims made out of the moon.

Other beneficial effects on the human body, is the fight against inflammation. The oil consists of anti-inflammation agents that help in treating inflammation problems in the body. One of the main reasons for such a work is that the oil consist of a high quantity of omega 3 fatty acids but it hasn’t been properly clinically tested yet. The shark liver oil, with new medications and the use of capsules have been made into capsules for the convenience of customers and users, rather them going through the not so pleasant taste of the oil. It is readily available in the store, just a few steps to the pharmacy. If you do not have a pharmacy nearby then there is health website where now shark live oil is readily available with other healthy medications good for the human body 24/7.

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