Browse Internet with Optimized Speed of Mimo Usenet Browser

Usenet’s latest browser Mimo is out and expectations from this browser is very high because of the improvements made in it and the new features added to it. Better search and image viewing features are some of them.

Mimo Usenet is a browser developed by Golden frog and the main feature of this browser is that it provides easy as well as quick access to extensive content that is present online. Another feature of this browser is that it features Usenet Search from Golden Frog. This browser also comes with advanced image viewing, which enables you to download and view images when you browse Newsgroups. This feature offer thumbnail view as well.

Threaded messaging

Threaded messaging is another feature of Mimo Usenet, which allows you to follow conversations easily. Whenever you receive a new message, you can see the threads even if they collapse. Features of archive extraction with RAR and error recovery through PAR are inbuilt into this browser. You will not have to download such software, as you get them automatically with this useful browser. Therefore, no third-party software can make manual intervention in this browser.

Better speed and performance

If you are concerned with the speed of the browser, then Mimo Usenet solves this problem with its feature of Giganews Accelerator in-built in it. This is not all, as it also features advanced download management as well. Mimo has collaborated with Giganews to put forward the best Usenet experience to the users. If you are a Diamond member of Giganews, then you can try the Mimo Beta and explore its features and benefits.

Features to come in future

Mimo Usenet is in a developing stage, and many other interesting features are expected to become its part in the time to come. Efforts are also being made to improve the quality of Mimo Search. Usenet search is the only search engine, which indexes Giganews’ entire retention. When this search is integrated with the browser, it operates on servers, which is optimized for fast…

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