Brown Books Publishing Group Partners with UT Dallas for New Intern Prep Program


“This new collaboration with UTD, while teaching students about the core competencies required in the various departments in publishing, will also allow us to develop relationships with these students that might possibly last well beyond their internship.” Milli Brown, CEO, Brown Books Publishing

Brown Books Publishing Group and UT Dallas have recently formed a partnership that will benefit highly-qualified, UT Dallas students in the Arts and Humanities. Students will prepare for internships through a program of workshops in the Chicago Manual of Style, InDesign, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing. A visit to the offices of Brown Books Publishing Group on September 26 marks their first step in this process.

Recently, Kelley Henderson, Career Consultant at UT Dallas, became aware that a segment of the student population was not being served in campus career fairs. There was a strong focus toward servicing the STEM Center, but the Arts and Humanities were being overlooked. This need provided the ideal fit for the combination of Brown Books and UT Dallas.

“Our students are committed, driven, and high-achievers. We have 440 National Merit Scholars enrolled at UT Dallas this fall,” said Ms. Henderson. “This program will connect our students from what they are learning in the classroom to the real world. This gives students something tangible.”

Students will have their application materials reviewed by professors, and internships will focus on the editorial, PR, and design aspects of the publishing industry. Brown Books will carefully observe interns, identifying their strongest skill sets, and properly placing them in roles that are ideally suited for their abilities as well as the needs at Brown Books.

There are many benefits of providing internships to students seeking experience in the publishing industry. To be successful in any business, one has to learn the facets of an industry. UT Dallas and Brown Books both agree that this program provides the application of a skill set to interns who will ultimately become employees. A strong working knowledge of the industry puts these students ahead in their future job search, something they gain during their time at Brown Books.


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