Broomfield Neighborhoods Join Together to Launch “Broomfield Concerned”

Citizens have formed a new organization, Broomfield Concerned, in an effort to band neighborhoods together and host neighborhood events that create greater awareness of large-scale oil and gas operations planned for Broomfield. Residents of Broomfield have been demanding answers as large-scale industrial operations find their way from rural areas into suburban communities, near backyards, schoolyards, open space and critical drinking water reservoirs.

According to organization leaders, the effort will include editorial and news material to keep residents informed on discussions between city leaders, residents and oil and gas operators. Additionally the group will spearhead the funding of awareness campaigns. The overall intention is to ensure no citizen of Broomfield is left unaware or unable to voice their concerns regarding oil and gas development in Broomfield.

“Too few people are aware of what is happening and many are uncertain of how they can get involved in a meaningful way,” said Jennifer Dulles, one of the cofounders and volunteers for the group. “We aim to bridge that gap, deliver regular updates and provide action alerts that provide people with ways to show up, and to voice their concerns.”

What the group will not do is force people’s hands on one particular approach. Instead, the organization is modeled on a format similar to the United Nations: bringing the many residents of Broomfield together while respecting the varied approaches and potentially divergent opinions on how best to contend with the issues. According to co-founder Ann Marie Byers, “Where we can align, we will. And where we can connect people with like-minded neighbors, we will. But we will pledge to listen as much as we talk and to help the people in our community get involved in the ways that work best for them.”

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