Broadway Treatment Center and Intervention911 Announce Collaboration

Broadway Treatment Center & Intervention911 Announce Collaboration

Our multidimensional approach to addiction includes a repertoire that is constantly evolving.

Intervention911, based in Palm Springs, CA, has long established itself as the one of the most sought-after intervention services in the country. Their meticulously orchestrated interventions provide the conduit for individuals struggling, to break free from the cycle of addiction. Intervention911 was founded by celebrated interventionist Ken Seeley. Ken is an internationally acclaimed interventionist who has worked full-time in the business of recovery since 1989, and is a regular contributor to CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC, on the topics of addiction and intervention.

“Not only were we the first in the country to receive the coveted stamp of approval from the Joint Commission for our intervention and Recovery Advocate Programs, we worked directly with the Joint Commission to help develop the standards that will be used for others to follow in our footsteps. Before this, receiving an accreditation for our service was not possible. It’s this kind of pioneering attitude that drives Intervention911 to continue to push forward and innovate.” Stated Intervention911’s CEO Eric McLaughlin.

Broadway Treatment Center, headquartered in Orange County, CA, is an award-winning addiction treatment center founded in 2012 by CEO Tony Orth, and COO Shaun Lennert. Broadway is located in Huntington Beach, California, but enrolls participants into its program from all corners of the country. Broadway has become one of the premier addiction treatment programs on the West Coast, and is currently in the process of integrating the Intervention and Recovery Advocate Programs into their curriculum.

“Our multidimensional approach to addiction includes a repertoire that is constantly evolving,” Stated COO Shaun Lennert. “While some of the time-tested methodologies are still effective, in the fast-paced world of today, if you’re not constantly reimagining your program, you’re probably not relevant.” “Innovation is one of the things that attracted us to Intervention911, and we look forward to working with them to provide those in need with…

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